Al-Mahdi Free Hospital.

 (Established 12th June 1997)

This Hospital provides a free 24-hour Service for the Community

    Since the beginning of independence  this area of  Distt Mianwali  has  been  ignored   by various governments. No work done  by  the s ocial or  political  sector. Therefor, people are   facing many problems  in  health sector. O ne  hopital  at  district  head quarter is in  miserable  condition.   Even Emergency medical help is a dream  for  its  inhabitants. Situation of  Health Facilities at Pakki Shah Mardan is that 90%  population  Pakki Shah Mardan  is  Momineens  and  most are  Syed  Family. There is no opportunity of employment and education  and people  are  poor and illiterate. In Pakki Shah Mardan there is a basic health unit but this health unit does not  provide  health  facilities to the people of this area. As there is no well-qualified  competent doctor  or other medical staff and there is a lack of life saving drugs even. So it is apparent that the health problems have been ignored for a long time.

    In  an  emergency  patient  are  taken  to   Iskandarabad which  is  6 Km away from Pakki Shah Mardan or Kalabagh which is 8 Km away from Pakki Shah Mardan. In very serious cases patients are taken to Mianwali, which is 45 Km form Pakki Shah Mardan. There are no transports facilities, the people of this area  are  very  poor, and  cannot afford heavy  charges of medicine  and doctors fees.

    Ten years ago a social organization  was established,   named “ Anjaman Samaji Behbood Pakki Shah Mardan”.  The Anjuman Samaji Behbood was organized on the 20 June 1988 and registered on the 12-10-1991 by the social welfare department initially organized to  take responsibility of the health of people. Anjaman Samaji Behbood  requested Allama Syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi Patron in Chief of Imam Khomeini Complex Mari Indus to establish a  dispensary .Therefore Syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi established a  free  dispensary named  Al-Mahdi Free Dispensary on 12 June 1997. After one year this dispensary was merged into a hospital as immense requirement of the people of the area. Brief Situations of Al-Mahdi Free Hospital: 

There is a qualified MBBS Doctor giving service for 24 hours

A lady homeopathic doctor full time sercice

Maternity home having basic facility of mother and child health

About 800 people getting free treatment monthly and the hospital provides medicine for three days

In chronic cases the hospital provides free medicine like anti TB drugs and drugs for hypertension and Asthma to needy People

A medical store provides medicine at reasonable price

A clinical laboratory for basic investingation of blood urine and stool.

Urgently Requirement of Al-Mahdi Free Hospital

An ambulance to meet the emergency cases

X-Ray machine facilities

For chronic and complicated diseases an Ultra sound machine to diagnose the diseases

Basic equipment for the blood bank

        In  present  condition  Pakki Shah Mardan is 45 Km  from  Mianwali  and  50  Km form Essa Khail For these remote areas there  is  no  ambulance facility. If a Ambulances  can be  provided to Al – Mahdi Free Hospital thousands of people can take up  this  ambulance facility. If  these above  mentioned things can  be  provided  to   Al – Mahdi Free  Hospital Insha_Allah   Al – Mahdi   free  Hospital  can provide more health assistance to the people of Pakki Shah Mardan.

        We request kindly for you to participate in the  development of AL – Mahdi  Free   Hospital.  If  you  would  arrange  a  visit (or  you  can  send  your  representative )  and come  and view our project, we can assure that you will be satisfied with  the running the Al – Mahdi  Hospital project.  Along  with the Al- Mahdi Hospital there is a great religious education institute named Jamia Syeda Khadija-tu- Kubra(as). In this Jamia  there  are about 200 students  getting  free  education and 13 teachers giving education. Al-Mahdi Free Hospital gives   free facilities   to  the  students  of  Jamia Syeda(as)  and  its staff members.  Al-Mahdi   Free   Hospital  also provides free health facilities to the students and staff of Imam Khomeini Complex. I  hope  that   you  will  be  co-operative   with  us  and  convince  your relatives to aide   the   development   of  the Al- Mahdi Free Hospital  and  provide  medicine to  the Al-Mahdi Hospital. These charitable institutes are running with  your co- operation.


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