A Periodical for Women-Piyam-e-Zainab

(Established January 1996)

The Piyam-e-Zainab is a non-profiting publication

It's sole objective being to share and spread

Islamic and worldly knowledge



         Our women are neglected badly  in  our society. Eventually  they are  deprived  in  all  fields. Islam exalts women on high ranks of respect. A women  is  the  mother  of  our  society. She brings up humanity. This  periodical  creates  confidence  in women to fulfill their responsibilities and all other aspects of morals and training. Thanks to  Allah Almighty, this  magazine  is flourishing day by day. We need permanent members and  supporters  for this  magazine so that it can be delivered  over the country.

        The magazine is in mainly in Urdu, and also has some pages in English. Each December issue details the yearly events / special days, as well as Vilaadats / Shahadats. It also contains details of special amaals which need to take place.

    The Annual price for this magazine within Pakistan is Rs.200

    The Annual price for this magazine within the UK is 25.00

    The Annual price for this magazine within US is $40.00

    The Annual price for this magazine within the Middle East is $40.00 (US)

    The Annual price for this magazine within Europe is 40.00

                The price is to to cover printing costs and postage, and is a non-profitable service.

        Any questions asked in the magazine will be replied in the relevant language. For example, all questions asked in English will be answered in English. Advertisements are welcome and entertained in the magazine, which goes out to an  international audience. Suitable articles on any aspect of Islam are welcomed and will be gladly published, whether in Urdu or English.

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