Aid for Orphans



        This section  was originated  in 1996.This  arm  of  the Imam K homeini  Complex  provides assistance   and  support to children who have  become  orphaned. Under  this  financial assistant program we help 1536 orphans in 05 district of Pakistan. The number of these orphans in various palaces is as (Distt Mianwali=241, Distt DI Khan=71, Distt Parachinar=1095, Terrah=60,Hangoo=69). These  are the  running  members of  our  program while we have  more thousands applications of new candidate in various district. These all are assisted in such a way that these can easily live, can get education and other  necessities of life. This assistant  continues  up  to they become adults. And this is one of the waste are of direct assistant to the youngsters. We have thousand innocent orphans looking toward you and your help. Please lend a hand to all of these feeble lives.

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