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                  If you would like to know any information regarding any Islamic issues, E-mail Allama Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi.

Need to know if somethings Halaal / Haraam? Taharat / Najasat? (Your answers will be given according to the Mushtahid you follow. Please remember to add the Mushtahids name in your E-mail)

Need to know what to do in a certain situation?

Need some basic Islamic Information?

Anything you are confused about?

Reference and proof to Shia Beliefs available also

Azadari -e- Imam Hussain and Nazariyae Tawassul questions?

Peghambre and Ahlul-Bayt questions?

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spiritual clinic

            Every Problem has a solution. Allah has created the solutions even before creating the problems. When a problem arises, Never despair from Allah's Mercy.

We are extremely fortunate to have an extremely learned and charismatic team of individuals in our team who are willing to help you find this solution to your problem. We are here to help.

There is no Illness without a cure. If medical science has failed, then try the power of prayer...

If you are medically fit and yet childless, do not despair - we can help

We can also help if you are having troubles with your family or family life.

Do you feel you are the victim of Kaala Jaadoo (Black Magic)? We can help break it.

Going ahead with a Marriage? Contact us first. We'll ensure your making the right move.

Are you stressed? Suffering from tension? Lacking sleep? These can all be cured!

Much much more!

        Using the Prophets (pbuH) Hadiths and the Holy Quran as a guide and Dua's reccomended by the Imams, we will inshallah sort out your problem. We Guarentee full 100% confidentiality Inshallah.

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              Please read all the details above then e-mail Ifikhar Hussain Naqvi regarding Fiqhe related questions at: