Employment Scheme

(Established 2000)


A scheme that provides training and financial

assistance for unemployment people to start 

their own business




                                                Not only do we offer money to desperate families and individuals, we also try to ensure that 

                                                individuals can stand on their own two feet and provide for their families, by giving them the 

means to start a trade and in return gain a monthly income. We provide the finance and tools to get people started in their own small, local business, which in turn helps the community.. In return, each month, the individuals pay back our investment to us in installments (Interest free). This money is then used again for the same purpose to help other families. This means that no one feels the need to ask others for money. All accounts are kept record of, and no profit is made. This giving and paying back of money can be viewed as a circle. Our aim is to Inshallah expand this circle and help more and more people. This

                                            money is invested in helping people break free from neediness.


                                                So far, more than one hundred families till now (March 2002) have benefited from this 

                                    scheme and we have many more waiting to be given the opportunity to break free from poverty. We 

                                    do not believe that a poor family should stay poor, but should be allowed to respectfully earn their 

                                    own living. This has been an ultimate success, and we wish to ensure that the scheme expands and

                                    continues to help more and more people. We therefore need your help and donations. Please

                                    contribute generously.


                                                We urge people to come and see how the money is being spent. We invite you to the

                                    Complex for you to view yourself how people  who once had to ask others for  money are now living

                                    respectfully. Please come and see how the money you will be contributing will help.



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