Imdade Foundation - Immamiya Welfare Fund

This foundation assists the poor, needy and neglected Saddat and

 other Momineen of the area by providing medication,  clothes

 and help with construction of homes etc.  Between the

time of 1st July 2000 to  30th June 2001. the

 centre provided aid to the value of  Rs


        This foundation was originated in 1984, its main objectives includes as financial help, material assistant, medical assistant, construction of the houses, provision with dowry, arrangements for employment and many more. Some of the hints are given here.

Employment Scheme: This scheme was introduced in Jan 2000; its main objective is to provide means for employments to un-employed. We established a setup for them and when they start their earnings they pay back in easy installments. Till now 40 peoples have utilized it and we have spent Rs.469600/= in it.

Dowry Fund for Daughters of poor parents: Under this fund we help the poor and needy parents to could arrange the marriages for their daughters. They are provided with material and financial help. Each family is helped with Rupees of 5 to 10 Thousands. Last year we helped of Rs.326980/=.

General Help of Saddate and Momineens: Under this head we help the needy Saddate and other Momineens in various forms. Form 1st July 2000 to 30 June 2001 we assisted Saddate with Rs.1162471/= and other needy persons with Rs.316444/= It is our request for you to lend a hand for all above-mentioned heads. If cooperative is generated the circle of this aid can be widen outside the district.

Water pumps: There are still many people who do not have access to clan safe water. The foundation have helped so many families by installing hand pumps in these poor families homes. However, there are still many families having to struggle for this basic source of life. Please donate generously.

            These charitable institutes are running with your co- operation. God bless you.. It would be a direct contribution to the Mission of the Ahl-e-Bayte (AS).


For more information, please contact us at the e-mail below: