Of Imam Khomeini Complex


The Imam Khomeini Complex

is an umbrella institution that

represents a body of establis-

ments, which came into being

in  1999. It's  main   objective

is   to offer  a   haven   where

people   from    all   walks   of

life can acquire knowledge and

understanding that  will  guide

towards a moralistic and spiritu-

ally gratifying life. It is the bran-

child   of  Allama  Syed  Iftikhar

Hussain  Naqvi,   who   in   1982

founded   the   Imam   Khomeini

Madrissah   based   in   Mianwali,

Pakistan.  This   Madrissah   was

the precursor to what the Imam

Khomeini  Complex  represents

now. The   time  between  1982

and 1999 saw  the flourishing of

various institutions, which needed

to   have  a  stable   base with  a

stable base with a coherent focus.

The Imam Khomeini Complex is

this base



1.     The name of the Complex is in Acknowledgement of the great contribution by Ayatollah Khomeini, by the people of all Islamic schools of thought in Mianwali. The complex is a registered non-profitable organization.

2.     The Management of the complex is local and independent. It is not under any organization or Authority.

3.     The Source of Finance of the complex is run totatally free from aid, but run from donation and contributions from individuals within Pakistan and around the world who appreciate the benefits to the people by the complex. The monies collected to run the complex are from Khums (Maal-e-Islam, Maal-e-Sadaat), Zakaat, Zakaat-Fitrah, Sadaquaat-e-Salamati-e-Imam-e-Zamana (A.S), Imam Zamin money, Kufaraat, and general donations.

4.     The Centre is run by Allam Syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi Najafi, who is authorized by all the Maraj-e-Taqleed (Past and present) and Wali-e-Fquih  (Wali-e-amril-Muslimeen). As part of the Constitution, the Subsequent chairman of the complex can only be someone with a similar status and authority.

5.     Full Accounts are kept, and audited by authorized government officials. It is available for anyone wishing to see it on request.