Jamia Imam Khomeini - Mari Indus.

 (Established 31st August 1982)

This Great Jamia founded after the name of Hazrrat Ayatulah Al Uzma Imam Khomeini the reformer of Millat -e- Islamia, has progressed immensely during the seventeen years blessing a great number of people, both religiously and practically in different fields of life. This school provides Islamic education and offers courses in Islamic studies. Classes are offered in Dars-e-Nazmia, Hifz-e-Quran, Fiqqah, History, Arabic, Persian, Philosophy and Seerat-e-Ikhlaqe. In addition, classes are also offered in English and computer training. The School at present has 62 students on enrolment with six teachers. There are facilities for lodgings and food, for residential students.

This Jamia has the following essential needs:

1.          Construction:  Construction of residential block consisting of ten rooms. We also have a second block which requires a second floor as well as the completion of the ground floor.

2    .Minaar:  We currently have only one Minaar at the gates of the Jamia. We greatly require funding for the erection of the second minaar.

3    .Mosque:  There is an urgent need for a Mosque to be built for the use of the public. Since the population of this area exceeds 5000, the Mosque will need to be considerably large.

4    .Day to Day running:  Since the centre accommodates a large number of students as well as employs many teachers, we require  donations (Khums / Zakat) to help pay for food, accomodation, wages and general running costs.

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