Jamia Syedda Khadija-Tul-Kubra.

 (Established 1993)

        This is a unique religious institution to shape the female students on Islamic baluse. It was set up in 1993 at Mari Indus in a small house next to the Jamia Imam Khomeini on a small scale. It was exp- panded later to meet the needs. By dint of sincere efforts made by Allamma Syed  Ifthikhar  Hussain Naqvi land was acquired at Pakki Shan Mardan, a town of Saddat. The foundation was laid in August 1995 to construct a great Islamic Women's University. This was done with the  Great help  of  Masjid -e -Imam Hussain  Sa'afat,  Kuwait. The building was  inaugurated  by  a  Honorable  and  respected scholar, Allamma Ghulam Hassan Najfi of Jara (Dera Ismail Khan) on the 27th  of  September 1996.  The students were shifted  to  this building the following  month. The  number of  students  then  were around  forty. This  number  has  now  (2002)  grown  to around 200 (accommodated) thought out the country, with many graduating  and  leaving,  and  more arriving  each month. They are equipped with skill in Speech, Hifze-Quran and religious preach. It compromises of this setup:

        A residential hostel for girls consisting of 16 rooms

        Three separate additional residential rooms

                          Accommodation for teaching staff consisting 6 rooms and a staff room.


        Two Study hall


        Dining Hall


       Guest House

        Visiting room for families of the students.

        Shop catering for the general needs of the students such as groceries / stationary.

        This Jamia has the following essential needs:

1. Hostel:  This is one of our most urgent requirements. There i great demand for people to come t the Jamia, yet we are forced to only accept a certain number due to lack of accommodation. Although we are Pakistan's Largest female education institution, we have the least accommodation available to our students. Other religious (non-shia) institutions have greater accommodation services and so this Jamia needs your help to fulfill the demand from all over Pakistan. This will help our momineens children being given the best in religious education.

2.  Hostel for teachers:  Since the number of students applying to this Jamia is on a consistent rise, more teachers are required. However, this can only be possible if more accommodation for teachers is also available.

3. Conference Hall:  We require a conference hall that all students can go to to listen to lectures and learn. Similarly, we have many program set for female members of the public. This conference hall can be used to hold such events.

4. Building for Skills and Crafts school:  For students who are accommodated as well as those who attend lessons, we require a building which can fulfill the needs of teaching handicrafts such as knitting / sewing. These needs include rooms such as a classroom, an office, a store room, etc. This will be open to the benefit of female members of the public.

5. Mini-Van for preaching tours:  Currently, we must rely on rental of vans for transportation of any kind. Not only is this costly, but lacks safety. We require a mini van for trips out for our students and teachers, as well as missionary work in other villages who do not have access to such institutions.

6. Fitting and erection of 72 feet high Tansebe Allam-e-Hazrat Abbas (A.S): This will be built at the gates of the Jamia. There will also be a hall where all the Shabii's of holy Roza-Jaat will be kept. This is the symbol of our pride in our faith.

   We intend to promote it up to the level of the First Women's Islamic University of Pakistan, to facilitate over 500 students with free boarding and other necessities.

        For more information, please contact us at the e-mail address below: