The  endeavour to propagate Islam requires a comprehensive approach. Such an enterprise embraces modern initiatives in education, training and social work. Unfort- unately the stereotypical  popular   idea of  religion, as an  enterprise  of  rituals,  still survives in the minds of the people who continue  to  fail to associate this wider,  and an all embracing intellectual view of Islam as a corporate way of life.

            In order to accommodate this traditional approach, we have established the following Departments: -

1.             Darul Qur’an:   This is for teaching proper recitation and memori

                zing of the Holy book to younger learners.

2.            Taleem-e-Deen (Deeniyat Centres):    This supervises imparting

                the basic teachings of Islam 


Basic Religious Short courses

3.             Fahm-e-Deen (Religious Thought): This initiative, sponsored by Jamia Imam Khomeni and Jamia Seyedah Khdijatul Kubra, comprises of short courses, run annually from 15th of April to 15th July, for the benefit of boys and girls who wish to matriculate in Religious Thought.  Details regarding these courses are available on the Internet.


       Although this particular program is based for Pakistani Residents, every Summer, we will open our scheme for individuals from the west who wish to benefit also from this scheme. During their stay, their every need will be sorted out, including accommodation, food, and medical. For more information, E-mail us by clicking the link below.


4.            Community Programme:   During the course of the year, institutions (Mdaris) organise four Community Programmes, viz.,

   Jashn-e-Masarrat (Celebration Gathering):   Every year, on 20th Jamadi Al’Thani, Jamia Khdijatul Kubra holds a function called ‘Mother’s Day’ to celebrate Jashn-e-Masarrat (Celebration Gathering).  Local women and girl students and their relatives take part in the proceedings and benefit from it.

   Jashn-e-Wilayat (Celebration of Prophetic Succession):   Every year, on 18th Zilhijja, we celebrate this function which is associated with ‘Eid-e-Ghadir.  Speakers, scholars and poets from all over the country eulogise Hazrat Ali Aleyhissalam.

   Yom-e-Gham (The Day of Lament):   Every year, on  10th of Safar, a function to lament the martyrdom of Seyedina Hussain is held under the auspices of Jamia Imam Khomeni.  A variety of organisations, from all over the country, participate in this function, thus discharging the duty of  Communal Expression of Grief.  The replica of ‘Alam Mubarak’ (The Standard of Hussain) is also raised on the occasion.

   Yom-ul-Quds (Al Aqsa Day):   Annually, during the holy month of Ramadan, on the day of  Hajjatul Wida (The Last Pilgrimage), Jamia Imam Khomeni holds Yom-ul-Quds.


Weekly Programme

The women students’ organisation, Tanzeem-e-Muntaziran-e-Imam Mehdi, associated with Jamia Khdijatul Kubra, and the men students’ organisation, Bazm-e-Shaheed Arif Al’Huseini, hold weekly symposia on a variety of related topics.  Men and women students alike, gain valuable and practical experience and training in debating, giving speeches and addressing audiences.

Likewise, these two organisations also hold a plethora of other functions, which, not only relate to current topics of national and international relevance, but also religious functions which include remembrance of Ahl-ul-Bait and congregational supplication and prayer meetings.


Tableeghi Wufud (Missionary Delegations).

Thrice annually, during the months of Shabaan, Zilhiija and Rabi Al’Thani,  missionary parties are dispatched by Jamia Imam Khomeni.  Each party, or delegation, comprises of two persons.  They operate entirely on a voluntary and self financing basis, visiting rural and adjoining tribal areas in order to disseminate basic knowledge of Islam.  Each tour lasts for ten days and prior to their departue, each volunteer has to attend a three day foundation course at the Jamia Imam Khomeni.

This initiative began in 1421 Hijri (1999 A.D), and has been gathering momentum since.

At present only recognised scholars and mosque functionaries are participating in this programme but an appeal is being made in order to widen its scope. 

         People who may desire to participate in this initiative, and wish to receive further information, are requested to contact the following e-mail address: -


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