Education Scholarships and Credit Scheme

(Established 1988)

Scholarships are provided to help students

of all levels and ages to acquire the 

education that they otherwise 

would not be able to

            It is without doubt that the Imam Khomeini Complex's success is due to the support  and financial help provided by Brothers and Sisters (may Allah swt bless them) from all corners of the world, but we are constantly short of resources that are vital to the day to day running of the various branches of the Complex. We ask that you share in our vision and goal of providing a framework for the acquirement of knowledge and for providing aid for the needy.

        Our many underprivileged students could not continue their education for lack of funds and assistance. To ensure the continuation of their education, we disbursed educational scholarships among them of various types. Some are assisted for basic education and some for muddle age, whilst others for higher and technical education. It is aimed to make them able, and earn their living to support their family.

    Many basic and full credit schemes are also being run for poor and unemployed youths and men of the nation. They pay back the money in small installments according to their availability, and are further given the next credit.

     There are many saadaat, who are unable to give their children basic Education. We appeal to you all to donate generously (Khums Maal -e-Saadat) so that we may help the children of these Saadaat families to continue excelling in life.


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